Corvette Wide Body Conversions
We have been performing corvette restorations,fiberglass repairs,and customizing for over thirty years and have completed many wide body conversions on C-6 and C-5 Corvettes.
When we have completed your wide body conversion, the fit and finish, color match and clear coat texture will be as undetectable from the remaining original panels as possible.
We are able to achieve close matching with even difficult tri-coat finishes allowing you to save money by not having to refinish the entire vehicle to achieve color match.
Corvette repairs are completed using only correct materials for SMC and nonSMC panel repair materials. No “bondo” is applied to your vehicle. Primers and sealers made specifically for fiberglass repair are used and base coat and topcoat materials are the highest quality available.

Auto Perfectionists Ltd. Is not a production shop and we take the time necessary for all repairs to cure thoroughly before proceeding to the next step in the repair.
All body work is finished to 220 grit or finer minimizing scratch swelling or “mapping” of the repair.