Auto Perfectionists Ltd. Uses a state of the art positive pressure down draft booth with a one million btu direct fired gas heater for curing automotive finishes. The air entering the booth is filtered TWICE to minimize foreign body contamination and the air pressure in the booth is computer balanced to ensure a stable spray environment.
Our base coat spray guns are the latest in waterborne technology atomization and application and our clear coat guns are designed with LVLP technology allowing us to mimic the texture of the factory finish on your vehicle. The heat in the booth also allows us to maintain a constant temperature
setting while applying primers,sealers,base coats and finish coats to allow curing of these materials in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines.
The lights in the booth have state of the art color match bulbs with mirrored reflectors to allow uniform lighting with no shadows or dark areas. The floor of the booth is carpeted to trap small dust particles from spraying the vehicle allowing a clean finish on rocker panels and lower areas of the car. All of this means A smooth,uniform finish for your vehicle.