Our detailing services are not something that you will find at the local car wash and is not completed in 45 minutes. Our complete detail takes over seven hours and contains operations found only in detailing cars for show and concours competition. We DO NOT pressure wash or steam clean engine bays but rather clean and degrease your engine bay by hand using toothbrushes and environmentally biodegradable cleaning products. Steam and high pressure water jets can cause damage to your vehicle’s electronics which is why we choose not to use this method.

Any water remaining in the engine compartment is removed using air pressure until the engine is completely dry.
All of your engines rubber and plastic components are sealed with a rubber and plastic sealant which has a UV filter and will make the engine look new and help prolong the life of your hoses and fittings. This is not a clear aerosol spray like you would find on a used car lot.

The exterior of your vehicle is washed, if necessary due to offset, your wheels will be removed and cleaned inside and out. Your wheel wells and suspension components will be cleaned and detailed.
All of your door jams, fuel door,inside jams of your sunroof,trunk jams, will be cleaned and detailed and all weatherstrips are treated with rubber sealant, not armor-all but a product specially designed to retard oxidation without feeling greasy or leaving a residue.
Your trunk will have the spare tire and tool kit, as well as the carpeting removed and will be cleaned and detailed. The underside of the trunk lid will be cleaned and polished.

The exterior of your vehicle if necessary will be treated with a clay bar to remove contaminants and if necessary compounded wheel mark eliminator applied and two coats of either carnauba wax or polymer sealant will be applied.
All exterior trim will be polished or sealed as necessary and if necessary the glass will be polished to remove water spots.
All interior carpeting, headliner fabric upholstery,door panels will be shampooed and all leather and vinyl cleaned and protected.
Your glove box and console areas will be cleaned and items removed will be replaced in plastic bags.
Your vents will be cleaned with Q-tips and any wax on the outside of the car will be removed with a soft bristle brush.
Your tires will be dressed and wiped down.